BCD wild ride on Binance, inevitably pumps 200%, 16x on Binance

05 Sep, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
BCD wild ride on Binance, inevitably pumps 200%, 16x on Binance

Binance has announced the opening of withdrawals and deposits of Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Diamond ($BCD). The project sees a 200% pump on all exchanges within the space of hours following the listing. Binance price reached $17, a 16x price increase. 

Bitcoin Diamond is a fork of Bitcoin, which occured at block 495886 has now listed on the #1 exchange in the World, Binance.

$BCD has just seen a 200% increase in price over the past few hours following the Binance announcement, and that is one every other exchange. The Binance pump saw $BCD reaching $17. The price before the Binance news was around $1.34

Binance announced via their twitter account that $BCD will be available for deposits and withdrawals several hours ago. The project has since jumped to an exchange average price of $4.00. 

$BCD also announced today via Twitter that BCD Bazaar has negotiated partnerships with eight distributors who will be adding over 20,000 products to the platform in the coming weeks. 

$BCD has jumped to #23 on Coinmarketcap.com following the price surge which sees the total market cap currently sitting at $573 million. With the adjusted Binance price, the project would have a market cap of $2.4 billion, making it a top 10 coin. Binance has since done $7m volume in $BCD trading. 

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