South Korea aims to secure the future of blockchain through education

03 Sep, 2018
by Will Heasman
South Korea aims to secure the future of blockchain through education

South Korea has initiated a 6-month training course to turn 42 applicants into fully fledged blockchain specialists.

According to local media, the initiative aims to bolster the ranks of South Korea’s budding blockchain industry by teaching the core principles (and beyond) of blockchain technology. The course focuses on readying the students for “immediate” employment after completion.

The course was set up in conjunction with the Minister of Technology and ICT, the Korean Standards Association, and blockchain based IoT startup Waltonchain (WTC). the secretary general of Waltonchain, Wang Sang Hyeong spoke to KI News about the course:

“We will provide a one-stop support for employment and business start-ups as well as education for the professional training of employees, and we will strengthen the building of a healthy blockchain ecosystem,”

South Korea truly is embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency evidenced being among one of the first countries in the world to try out cryptocurrency as a form of legal tender. As previously reported, in the Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do local authorities have replaced a state loyalty schemes "gift cards" with a cryptocurrency token, dubbed Gyeonbuk coin. Officials hope this initiative will incentivize expenditure and revitalize the local economy.

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