This bill looks to revitalize state government via blockchain

02 Sep, 2018
by Will Heasman
This bill looks to revitalize state government via blockchain

A bill to explore blockchain solutions in state government and the private sector is on its way to California and is one signature away from implementation.

Assembly Bill 2658, passed through the Califonia Assembly last week and is heading to the desk of Californian governor Jerry Brown, once there it only requires his signature before being put into action.

The bill requires the creation of a blockchain working group who will research the potential risks and legal implications of blockchain technology, along with benefits it could provide to state government and the private sector.

Govtech reports that the group will be made up form multiple state officials, including the state director of finance, 13 appointees and one member from both the Senate and the Assembly.

Ian Calderon author of the bill and majority leader of the Assembly, recently said that in order for California to continue its legacy as a “global leader in fostering innovation and new technology.” The state needs to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurs and innovators to develop around blockchain.

Interestingly, its said that the bill defines Blockchain technology for the first time, something which a fact sheet about the bill stated: “will provide businesses and industry greater certainty regarding the technology’s legal standing.”.

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