And the winner is... EOS snags best protocol award at blockchain conference

01 Sep, 2018
by Richard Allen
And the winner is... EOS snags best protocol award at blockchain conference

EOS, the world’s fifth biggest cryptocurrency has scooped another award. At BlockAward, part of the BlockWorld 2018, that took place in San Jose, California, the project was awarded Best in Protocols/Platforms, AMBCrypto reports.

This year, the BlockWorld conference ‘Developing the Decenralized Cloud’ theme and covered topics such as The Internet 2.0 & The Future of the Web; Blockchain & Financial Technology Innovation; Ethereum & Smart Contract Development and Innovation; Decentralized App Development; Blockchain, Governance, Compliance; Blockchain Startup Competition; Security & Identity Technology.

Several weeks ago, China’s Center for Information Industry Development released their third cryptocurrency ratings index. EOS has managed to top the list every time, managing to beat Ethereum on two out of three criteria.

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Some took to social media with varying responses. Some like reddit user u/tokenlead congratulated the project saying:

“It may be a pat on the back but the team behind EOS are incredibly passionate individuals working together to fulfill a cause that they are aware is much bigger than themselves. This caliber of collaborative purpose will always win a battle against those whose biggest motivation is self-gain.”

While others, like Twitter user Princess Bubblegum had a different opinion:

As did Redditor u/numecca who commented:

“Industry patting itself on the back like the golden globes. Worthless.”

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