Enigma project introduces new Launching Partners

01 Sep, 2018
by David Robb
Enigma project introduces new Launching Partners

The Enigma crypto project has announced a host of new collaborators, the Enigma Launch Partners. In a blogpost, the team behind the 103rd-biggest crypto introduced 8 projects that will be working closely with the Enigma team and using its protocol.

 Enigma's key focus is on privacy, implementing secret contracts in order to enable better decentralization.

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According to the team, "Enigma Launch Partners are working directly with our development team to integrate our protocol into their own impactful, groundbreaking solutions. Each one is a talented team, building a key product for our decentralized future".

The projects are: Ocean, 2Key Network, Datawallet, Eximchain, ReBloc, Portal Network, Colendi, and Datacoup. All 8 of the projects have already integrated Enigma's technology and begun building on the Enigma testnet.

Each of the Enigma Launch Partners "is working on a building block for using private computation in smart contracts...Private voting, secret computation, data validation, and sybil protection are just some of the categories we’re already exploring...Each of these building blocks fits into a larger, fundamental effort in the decentralized web, such as governance, identity, scalability, and usability."

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