Google partners with Digital Assets to bring blockchain to its cloud services

01 Sep, 2018
by David Borman
Google partners with Digital Assets to bring blockchain to its cloud services

The LSE Business Review ran an article today discussing the ramifications of Google's recent announcement of its partnership with Digital Assets, a fintech company that hopes to help the tech giant integrate blockchain solutions on its cloud platform.

Digital Assets is hoping to bring its expertise on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to Google Cloud developers. They will be allowing the developers to access their Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML), which will allow them to create and integrate digital assets without a full understanding of how blockchain programming works.

In addition, DAML's Platform-as-a-Service will let developers build and test blockchain based apps in a sandbox environment, allowing for extensive testing and real time modifying of code. The hope for this integration is to smooth the adoption of the technology by providing a means for non-experts to still access the power of blockchain.

The article explains how this may be a powerful turning point for DLT, as now that Google is getting hands on it will add an air of legitimacy to the field, not to mention a plausible explosion in the amount of software that taps into the tech.

In the coming years, companies like Google and others will be necessary to unroll DLT to the masses. Hopefully this is the shining step forward it seems to be.

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