BitTube sues Google for delisting their app multiple times

29 Aug, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
BitTube sues Google for delisting their app multiple times

BitTube, the decentralized video platform without ads is suing Google for delisting their app from PlayStore for what they said to be unclear reasons. 

BitTube, the decentralized video platform, sues Google for suspending and removing their app from PlayStore multiple times. The company claimed that the reasons used by Google to delist their app are vague and unclear, thus they decided to take it to court to get "some real answers relating to the removal of our app."

On their Medium post, BitTube explained briefly the chronological of the multiple incidents. Soon after the app was launched for the first time, Google suspended and removed it from the PlayStore due to it contained images with nudity, which violated their sexually explicit content policy. 

BitTube said to have their developers worked relentlessly to make their platform nudity-free by filtering such uploads and moving them to Adult categories on a different URL before appealing to the rejection.

Not long after Google accepted the appeal, the app was suspended and removed for the second time, citing the same reasons. However, this time BitTube said "it was off" as the evidence attached was a desktop screenshot from the new URL with the Adult categories, which they said to have nothing to do with the Android app. Their second appeal was also rejected by Google. 

The company decided to submit their app under a different name, BitTube, instead of BitTube Official used previously as their last effort to test "the integrity of their review practices." Again, after a couple of days, the app was removed with the same reasons and screenshots used previously. 

BitTube claimed Google's app review process is a "facade" as they found out that the screenshot was taken weeks before they submitted their second submissions. They suspected Google's tendency of cutting off apps that don't bring revenue to the giant tech company, and even taking it further to the Big Tech and Fifth Estate conspiracy of oligopoly practices on a majority of online services used by the public. 

The company behind the decentralized video platform is aware that taking the case to the court will be the beginning of a long and winding journey, however, they're confident that "the truth is undoubtedly on our side", thus believing that the issue can eventually be settled. 

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