New Roger Ver interview addresses criticisms

28 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
New Roger Ver interview addresses criticisms

A new video has been released on Youtube, posted by Deconomy, in which Roger Ver is interviewed by Nuru Kim on the future of crypto and specifically responds to certain criticisms that have been levied against him by the crypto community.

Ver opens the interview discussing some of the vitriole and contention that has arisen in the crypto community, especially between the btc and bch backers. He says what is most important to him is free speech and expression, because this is a matter that can change the course of human history.

He is then asked to respond to criticisms over statements he made concerning dying babies and the rise of bitcoin. He goes on to explain that over the last 200 years we have seen increased economic progress and a lower infant mortality rate. He extrapolates that by embracing cryptocurrency we will accelerate economic growth in the future and therefore fewer babies will die and all ages will be happier:

"... which means clean air, clean water, happy families, happy babies, happy old people, we'll have more resources to devote to all the things that we care about."

He then effectively doubles down on his original claim:

"It's not an exagerration at all to say that if you want more children to survive childbirth you should support more economic freedom which leads to more economic growth and the best tool we have to do that is implementing digital currencies across the globe."

He goes on to lament that due to infighting in the community the spread of cryptocurrency has been "set back."

He is later challenged about his choice to use his website to promote bitcoin cash, and how this has led to confusion especially among new users. He claims they are currently dropping all support for btc from his site but it will take some time. He defends his past actions in the usual way, saying if you look at the original whitepaper, bch is more true to the original vision and he considers it to be the true bitcoin. 

Many more topics come up, such as his take on censorship coming from reddit and other corners of the internet. He definitely paints the bch community as victims and btc community as offenders. He also responds to price predictions he has made in the past and if he has any more for the future. He still feels bch will be the winner but admits that nobody knows.

I would highly recommend the whole interview, as his responses are too varied to completely cover here. Whether you feel one coin or another is more useful as currency, Ver remains one of the more outspoken sources on the topic.

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