NetCents - the crypto credit card for the mainstream

28 Aug, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
NetCents - the crypto credit card for the mainstream

NetCents creates crypto credit card to increase the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency use.

The NetCents credit card is to be accepted at 40 million merchants globally and offer a loyalty program to help encourage and reward users of the card for spending their crypto.

This credit card service, started by a Canadian based payments processing company, known as NetCents technology, is expected to be operational by late 2018 and early 2019.

The technology and convenience behind the card include instant transfering your crypto holding into fiat currency. This will be done through NetCents Instant Settlement technology. The card also will not require a preload of digital currencies to mitigate the risk for a price fluctuation between loading and actually spending your money. Another useful feature is the ability to link your NetCents card directly to your native wallets to easily spend your already used crypto wallet amounts.

Security features behind the card will also include the ability to download an app to your phone to monitor and manage everything related to your account. The card will also have all the basic credit card security features including a pin, magnetic stripe, chip, and NFC functionality.

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