Binance announces new candidates for the Community Coin: voting has started

27 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Binance announces new candidates for the Community Coin: voting has started

Binance has just announced one hour ago that their users can now vote for their favorite coins in the 9th round of their signature competition, “Community Coin of the Month”. The coin with the most votes will be listed on Binance free of charge.

So without unnecessary suspense, this month’s five candidates are Byteball Bytes, Cortex, Everipedia, GoChain, and MediBloc. Binance’s good intentions have been doubted by many users in the past though. Their indulgence towards the identity of voters was often regarded with strong skepticism, and the exchange solved the problem this round by introducing strict requirements for voters:

“Only users with total trading volume of at least 0.01 BTC in their past 30 day trading history will be eligible to participate in the vote

Only accounts that were registered before 2018/08/22 0:00 AM (UTC) will be eligible to participate in the vote”

BNB Votes go towards a Lucky Draw

Another addition to this month’s competition is a Lucky Draw for voters. Possibly a result of users’ suspicions that Binance organizes the Community Coin competition only to make additional profits from users’ votes, the team announced this time that “All BNB collected from voting fees during the vote will be put into a pool for a Lucky Draw to be completed at the end of the vote. In the spirit of our community vote, Binance will also contribute up to an additional 5,000 BNB to the Lucky Draw pool, based on the total number of participants in the vote.”

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