The week starts on an optimistic note. ICON, WAN, and IOTA up by 15%+

27 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
The week starts on an optimistic note. ICON, WAN, and IOTA up by 15%+

Monday continues the weekend trend, with average movements around most top coins, but momentous movements among coins below the top 10.

Top 10

So although Bitcoin is still in the $6,700s (0.91% up, $6,726) and 8 out of the remaining top coins behave just about the same - quiet increases of 0 to 3%, apart from EOS which is up by 4.35% - the story looks different at the bottom of the ranking, where IOTA took over the stage. The news about IOTA’s involvement in Digital CarPass propelled its price to $0.6214, 17.40% up since yesterday and the 3rd highest gainer at the moment.

Top Gainers

ICON is seeing an even more lucrative day. At $0.91 at the time of writing, the so-called “Korean Ethereum” gained 24% during the last 24 hours, possibly triggered by their announcement that they expanded their team from 30 to 100 and are planning to rebrand the ICON project:

Another token that met several milestones last week was Loom Network, which is currently 19.58% up and gradually stepped from $0.079 last Monday to $0.109 today (okay, with a slight jump of 1.5 cents yesterday). Loom seems to have many treats prepared for their followers and has just announced that their product is now running on three sidechains.

Wanchain has also seen substantial gains for a few days in a row and still rules, with 15.54% and traded at $1.27 (considering that it saw prices as below $0.80 last week!). Two announcements affected Wanchain’s price last week. The first, WAN’s partnership with Kronos, had a moderate effect. However, after announcing that the swap procedure between its former ERC20 tokens and WAN coins was concluded, the coin saw no way back below $1.

Top Losers

The good news is, there’s not much to say about losing coins today. Loses don’t go beyond -5.5% today. The most affected are Nano (-5.57%) and QASH (-5.34%), which have seen some generous increments last week and are currently seeing their side-effects. However, at $3.02 and $0.21, respectively, the two coins are still up by more than 30% compared to last Monday.

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