Team McAfee's accountant reportedly stole up to $100 million in crypto

26 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
Team McAfee's accountant reportedly stole up to $100 million in crypto

The treasurer of John McAfee’s company has stolen millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency, at least according to Team McAfee CEO Jimmy Watson. According to Watson, Luke Jenkins is “refusing to give back [cryptocurrencies] valued at fifty to one hundred million dollars,” a recent post on NullTX reports.

Jimmy Watson, CEO of cryptocurrency and ICO marketing company Team McAfee explained that Jenkins had been hired to “receive, account for and hold tokens or payments received by John McAfee and Team,” and that Jenkins had been working for the team for more than a year.

Watson has claimed that he has evidence of the theft and that his claims can be verified through sworn statements and emails.

Team McAfee CEO has also implied that HitBTC, Yobit, and TopBTC were complicit in the theft.

The team are currently investigating and have managed to track "over thirty cryptocurrency addresses in [their] possession.” The investigation has led them to believe that Luke Jenkins and his girlfriend Gemma as well as an additional two employees at HitBTC have been embezzling funds by using the exchange to launder money.

According to Team McAfee, several other exchanges have evidence of “intentional malice” planned by Luke and two other “accomplices” over the last three months.

After numerous failed attempts to retrieve the funds respectfully, Team McAfee will now attempt to “legally retrieve the stolen funds.”

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