Trinity beta wallet (IOTA) was finally launched after months of testing

25 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Trinity beta wallet (IOTA) was finally launched after months of testing

The mobile wallet launched by IOTA earlier this year is now seeing an adaptation for Desktop use. After months of testing in the alpha mode, IOTA has now launched the beta version of Trinity for Desktop.

Their new product comes with three levels of security: the “Seed”, the Seed Vault, and Wallet passwords. The Seed is a 9-character string of letters manually randomized by the user that must be stored safely. The Seed can then be encrypted and stored in the Seed Vault (which is protected by a new password set by the user), or printed/written down.

Finally, the Wallet Password must use a different combination from Seed Vaults and is the final step into gaining access to your IOTA balance. The transfer process is pretty straightforward, similar to most cryptocurrency wallets:

Based on the feedback received from their community, IOTA has also introduced a new theme for both the mobile and desktop versions of the wallet.

IOTA Foundation also published several video guides on Youtube to instruct the community to use Trinity.

Image credit: IOTA Foundation Blog on Medium.

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