Is ICON still a worthwhile project? ICON Founder answers

25 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Is ICON still a worthwhile project? ICON Founder answers

ICON was a hype for a large part of this year before it plunged along with the rest of the market this summer. Is it still a worthwhile project? ICON Foundation’s Founder, Min Kim, might be able to answer your question.

Lately, much of ICON Foundation’s energy was dedicated to its employees. Based on the belief that “the most important thing is a shared vision of how, and what kind of world we want to create together,” ICON expanded from a team of 30 to 100 employees while the market was seeing its worst. Not only did they hire people, but according to Kim’s words, they invested time to “finding top talent” and making them “interested in the technology piece that they are going to be working on.”

The Korean-born cryptocurrency project is also seeking plans to expand location-wise. It settled new offices in the US and Japan, and their next objective is Singapore. Having South Korea as their birthplace, however, helped their project expand faster thanks to the support offered by their government.

Why expand in other countries though, if Korea had everything they needed? Kim’s objective, and along with him, ICON’s goal, is to help businesses grow by honing international collaboration. “We create sort of a borderless society and hopefully in the future, how we view this world, how we view communities, or the definition of community is [going to be] very different. In a sense we are creating a frictionless society, making it more and more easy for values and assets or whatever to change between people,” the ICON Founder explained in a phone interview with The Iconist.

ICON is currently traded at $0.69, following a few dramatic oscillations between $0.58 and $0.70 this week. Its all-time high saw higher than $11.00 although there is a possibility that it will see that value again during a bull run, most of ICON’s community is disappointed at the moment with their weak marketing strategies.

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