ICONLOOP selected as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform

24 Aug, 2018
 ICONLOOP selected as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform

ICON ($ICX) has announced on their Medium, that the Company has been selected as an operator of Seoul's standard blockchain platform for ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’(directed by Uracle), which is commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The announcement comes after the Seoul Metropolitan Government ran an information strategy planning phase last year. The introduction of the Seoul standard blockchain platform will see two blockchain leading businesses, three verification businesses for the provision of blockchain-based administration services.

ICON is proud to be apart of the starting phase of Seoul's blockchain based effort which will see it extend to all aspects of administration services of Seoul in the future.

"ICONLOOP will apply loopchain, ICONLOOP’s self-developed blockchain engine, to Seoul Blockchain Standard Platform, used car trading system, and mobile-voting system over the next six months." This will include verification services linked to citizen cards, mileage integration and subcontract payment services.

“Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project is expected to serve as a bridge for Seoul’s blockchain platform and S-Coin(Seoul Coin) in the future.” said J.H. Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP and council member of the ICON Foundation.

The move is a great step forward for the ICON foundation as it applies ICONLOOP's blockchain technology to a major city's blockchain platform. ICON "expect a transparent and efficient administration services as well as an invigoration of Seoul economy.

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