Say what? "Trading bitcoin is the same as trading baby brains”

10 May, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Say what? Trading bitcoin is the same as trading baby brains”

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman and long-time Buffett collaborator Charlie Munger, who is 94, did it again! He slams bitcoin! Big surprise!

Munger stated that trading in bitcoin was comparable to trading “freshly harvested baby brains.” and continued saying, "it is anti-social, immoral and stupid…the whole thing is a combination of dementia and immorality. I think the people pushing it are a disgrace”.

Over the years, bitcoin has seen its mostly not-so-fair share of criticism: JP Morgan called it a fraud and a pyramid scheme; banks have denied their clients the access to buying cryptocurrency using their own debit cards; regulators from all over the world have bashed and banned it; and it has been called a bubble at pretty much every stage of its development.

Most of them have retraced their steps. They had to, because the facts can no longer be ignored. Cryptocurrency has earned its place in the economy and it is obvious to anybody who follows the markets that bitcoin is here to stay!

Berkshire Hathaway, with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger leading the ranks, remains a strong critic of bitcoin.

Former Facebook executive, and founder and CEO of Social Capital Chamath Palihapitiya, said about Buffet: "I'm a Buffett disciple, but he's wrong about Bitcoin", and so is Charlie Munger, who has successfully insulted the whole cryptocurrency community with absurd comments that include 'baby brains'? Shame on you Charlie Munger!

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