BitTorrent inventor walks away after TRON acquisition

21 Aug, 2018
BitTorrent inventor walks away after TRON acquisition

In two separate cases, it appears the BitTorrent core team is slowly but surely falling apart following the roughly $120 - $140 million acquisition by TRON founder, Justin Sun.

According to sources at Torrent Freak, BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen, appears to have left his role at BitTorrent after 14 year at the Company he created. Torrent Freak reached out to Cohen via email and received an auto-response and quickly learned the address was no longer active. 

It is believed Cohen was not an advocate for cryptocurrencies or the potential integration of TRON into the BitTorrent software. Torrent Freak reached out to an alternate email address they had for Cohen to find out if Cohen was still involved with BitTorrent following the sale to TRON. Cohen responded "I have no involvement with TRON,"

Torrent Freak followed up by asking if Cohens previous answer meant he was no longer working with BitTorrent, the answer was "That is correct,"

Coindesk has also done some digging and have revealed that a further five staff members have since left BitTorrent following Cohens departure. In their report, they reveal that two members have been dismissed with a further three choosing to leave on their own accord. It is believed at least two of the departures were management roles. 

While BitTorrent and TRON have made no announcements following the departures. It is clear that the TRON acquisition has caused a big shakeup at BitTorrent, and not for the better either, it seems. 

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