IOTA now listed on eToro

20 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
IOTA now listed on eToro

Investment platform eToro announced today that trading for IOTA has begun. This comes along side multiple other optimistic turns for the IOTA community such as an open source solution for greater exchange integration as well as a new mobile/desktop wallet.

It's been an exciting time for IOTA. This news comes on the heels of some other exciting developments for the #11 largest cryptocurrency. Recently, Invest In Blockchain reported on the release of the IOTA Hub, an open source solution for exchanges to ease the listing of IOTA. Since IOTA uses what is called a "Tangle," and not a true blockchain, it can be slightly more complicated for exchanges to list the digital asset. The Hub fixes the inherent problems and increases security, which should encourage many more exchanges to list it.

Lastly, IOTA's Trinity wallet is available now on mobile and coming soon to desktop. Basically the wallet brings improved user friendliness and hopes to increase the attractiveness of IOTA for new users.

Despite all the good new, IOTA has been pretty stable in price recently, hovering around $0.50-$0.55 USD for the past several days.

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