Latest China cryptocurrency index released, and EOS still holds the crown

20 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
Latest China cryptocurrency index released, and EOS still holds the crown

China has released their latest cryptocurrency ratings index. EOS still remains in first position for the third consecutive time.

As Chepicap has previously reported, the index is released by China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) and assesses three factors: technological capability, usefulness of application, and innovativeness. Based on these three factors EOS scored a total of 158.7, up from last month’s total of 145.6 but still not quite where it was the first time when it scored 161.5.

Second place saw no changes either with Ethereum scoring 139, a little over two points higher than last month. Third place however has seen quite an interesting development.  Komodo, previously ninth with a score of 101.1 has knocked Nebulas out of third place. Komodo now has a total score of 111.3. Nebulas has a total of 110.6 which is up slightly from its previous score of 108.8.

Bitcoin has made some gains as well, climbing from 16th position to ten, with a total score of 101.7. Application is still bitcoin’s biggest hinderance.

Some other big players include NEO, who’s score has remained steady at 107.4 and Stellar down slightly to 106.1. Steem, which previously held 7th has slipped to 9th while Lisk takes its former spot, up from last month where it sat at 8th.

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