Cryptokitties hopes Asian gaming market next huge untapped resource

19 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
Cryptokitties hopes Asian gaming market next huge untapped resource

TechCrunch is running a story today about how Cryptokitties is hoping to expand into the Asian gaming market. The team believes Asia is a largely untapped market for crypto based games such as theirs. Though it faces obstacles, it feels this may lead to crypto's "killer-app," taking the platform mainstream.

Cryptokitties is a fairly famous game running on the ethereum blockchain. The premise is that you collect various cats, breed them and trade them, all backed up by the immutability of the system. The game has been very popular in America, and now the team behind it believes that rolling it out in Asia will begin a new age of blockchain games.

The biggest reason for this belief is that awareness of crypto is bigger in Asia, crypto regulation is more developed, and on average there are more gamers. It all makes sense, but if not careful they could face similar problems as when Uber tried to expand into China, namely that they couldn't compete because they didn't adapt to the market.

To combat this, Cryptokitties parent company Axiom Zen has partnered with Animoca Brands in order to bring their game to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Animoca Brands is already an established publisher of games in the region and it should bring consumer confidence in the Cryptokitties product.

Whether or not this will start the craze of crypto games in Asia remains to be seen. For the time being, it is a healthy step forward for the world of blockchain powered games.

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