Despite ban, many mobile mining apps still on Google Play

18 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
Despite ban, many mobile mining apps still on Google Play

The Next Web did a story recently concerning the fact that despite the ban Google has placed on crypto mining apps in the Play store, there are still quite a few that are available, and quite overt about the fact they use your device to mine crypto.

The article focuses around one app, the official JSEcoin mining app. The app allows for remote management of mining, which is acceptable, but also mining directly from your mobile device, which is what Google has banned. Although this app has now been removed, seemingly because of the querying of the reporter, there is an unofficial JSEcoin miner that has been available the whole time and never removed.

JSEcoin isn't alone however. A quick search on the Play store and you can find apps claiming to mine bitcoin, bitcoin cash, monero, electroneum and much more.


Whether or not these apps are legit, it is curious that Google has banned many apps for doing exactly what these ones openly claim to do. The ban comes because so many apps that offer to mine have been scams in the past, being anywhere from pointless to harmful for the user.

Although Google has clarified that app developers have 30 days to comply with the recent policy change, which would explain some of these apps still being available, it doesn't account for all. Ultimately, it will probably take some time for Google to take down all apps that offer on-device mining.

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