eToro CEO: demand for BTC is as strong as ever

18 Aug, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
eToro CEO: demand for BTC is as strong as ever

Despite some market downturns of late, there is good news for BTC enthusiasts according to eToro CEO, who reports in an interview with NewsBTC that demand for bitcoin has not declined.

 The CEO of the multi-asset trading platform Yoni Assia asserted in fact that the significant BTC price reduction is a necessary correction, part of the stabilization of the price of cryptocurrency, and represents positive movement for the overall health of the crypto market.

Giving his statements credence is his claim that exchanges “have not seen a significant dip in demand for digital assets,” despite worrisome fluxuations in value. Assia went on to note that improvements in the structure of the market will not only lead to positive growth, but will continue to lead to institutional and mainstream adoption which will dramatically raise the value of crypto assets.

Assia pointed to new developments like the creation of the Bakkt exchange by the owners of the NYSE and upcoming regulatory clarity in regions like India, South Korea, and Japan will make crypto more usable and spread their adoption, which could be reflected in huge market gains.

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