Just 30% of ETH transfers are to exchanges

15 Aug, 2018
by Will Heasman
Just 30% of ETH transfers are to exchanges

Trustnodes have acquired data which reveals that only 30% of Ether transfers are in and out of exchanges...

On average 2 million Ether a day are transferred to and from various places excluding exchanges, according to data provided from santiment, this accounts for roughly 2% of all Ether moved per day.

However, a spike yesterday saw that amount increase by 1.5 million, bringing the total daily transfers of ether to 3.5 million. A similar spike was witnessed between the difference in the amount of Ether deposited to, and withdrawn from exchanges, with 100,000 more Ether being transferred to exchanges than withdrawn.

The chart below displays the amount of ether deposited and withdrawn from various exchanges within the last 90 days:

The above data shows that today around 450,000 ETH had been deposited to, and withdrawn from exchanges while a 1.34 million have been transferred in total. Furthermore, data gathered from yesterday shows that only 2.6 million ETH moved with 1.3 million of that sent to exchanges.

On average this accounts for 30% of eth movements being related to depositing in, and withdrawing from exchanges. This is a far cry from January when transfers of Ether were up to 26 million per day.

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