Anti-cryptocurrency twitter user has his bank freeze $300k

14 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Anti-cryptocurrency twitter user has his bank freeze $300k

Do you remember that Mr. Money Mustache guy who wrote the “Bitcoin is stupid” article which was taken up by the Guardian? Well, his lifetime savings just got wrecked by his bank.

If you don’t feel like reading his article (published only six months ago), here are some highlights:

“No, you should not invest in Bitcoin. The reason is that it’s not an investment… Investing means buying an asset that actually creates products and services and cashflow for an extended period of time. ”

“The usefulness of Blockchain is the primary justification people use for the big dumb Bitcoin lottery.”

The numbers on Coin Market Cap “are preposterous numbers. The imaginary value of these valueless bits of computer data represents enough money to change the course of the entire human race.”

And the best one: “Government-issued currencies have value because they represent human trust and cooperation.”

Apparently, the same guy tweeted just 20 hours ago that Capital One froze the money he put aside to buy a house, a total of more than $300,000. And they didn’t even take him seriously!

 He followed up with a few more tweets expressing his disappointment towards the bank:

 He will finally see his money again “in just three days :-)”, but concluded that he should change his bank:

 However, the crypto community was not very forgiving… he received so many reactions from crypto fans that he ended up wondering “Why are so many people talking about Bitcoin in this thread as if it’s a valid way to buy a house?” Their reaction was priceless, still:

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