Researchers want bug bounty as they continue to hack McAfee's Bitfi wallet

14 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
Researchers want bug bounty as they continue to hack McAfee's Bitfi wallet

The Next Web is reporting today that the infamous BitFi wallet that has been promoted by John McAfee has once again been hacked. This time the hack was in no way superficial, as researchers are claiming they have been able to successfully send signed transactions to another device. They believe this meets all the conditions for receiving the $10,000 bug bounty promised by BitFi.

BitFi has laid out specific conditions to be met before it will pay out a bounty. Specifically, that researchers can prove they can modify the device (done), connect to BitFi servers (done), and send sensitive data with the device, which is what is being claimed now. Andrew Tierney (aka Cybergibbons) was quoted as saying, “We have sent the seed and phrase from the device to another server, it just gets sent using netcat, nothing fancy. We believe all [conditions] have been met.”

If this claim proves true it will be another in a string of blows made against the integrity of the device. Chepicap has reported recently on the initial hacking of the wallet, as well as McAffee's response.

It will be interesting to see how McAffee and/or BitFi respond this time. Will the researchers get the bounty? Stay tuned for updates.

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