How much money do Twitter scammers make?

12 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
How much money do Twitter scammers make?

An interview between crypto influencer Adam Guerbuez and a scammer could answer the question that popped up whenever you saw them slithering on social media.

Apparently, scammers don’t really discriminate based on social status, influence, power or colour. The story goes like this. Once upon a time, Adam Guerbuez (crypto youtuber and owner (?) of was approached by an Ethereum scammer. In fact, he previously asked quite a few of them for a pseudo-interview, and even promised them a reward, until one finally “took the bait”.

It seems that crypto scams really are easy money, according to the guy he interviewed. “The mooches send eth to any account we make, they do not even care about verified like we assumed they would. The mooch is just so excited to make money for nothing and multiply their ETH,” he told Adam. The mooch is obviously, a victim of their scam.

The interviewee claimed to make between 100-200 ETH every day (or min. $40,000) and 50 ETH on their worst days. All this at the lowest risk because, as he put it himself, “who do you think would make a lawsuit for .5 eth or whatever?” Of course, they do implement certain precautions, such as proxy boxes - but the guy avoided to mention anything else about this.

The guy said that he is as trader besides being a scammer, but scamming helped him raise from poverty. He surely leads a comfortable life right now, having a portfolio worth many digits: “I already do other things, I make my money work for me every day [...] I started with only 1 btc that I bought on localbitcoin in 2016 and today it is not rare that I will do daily trades with 40-50 btc on certain pairs. Even if things go in the wrong direction it does not make a problem for me, the freedom I have now financially is strong.”

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