Will Satoshi Nakamoto finally be found? #Findsatoshi campaign hopes so.

12 Aug, 2018
by David Borman
Will Satoshi Nakamoto finally be found? #Findsatoshi campaign hopes so.

Bitcoin.com is reporting today that a new campaign has begun to finally reveal the identity of bitcoin's creator, known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. The #Findsatoshi campaign has already raised over 3,002,700 ₽ ($44,000) and plans to use that money to hire private investigators from around the world to hunt down and identify who this mysterious person, or group, is.

The effort is led by one German Neff, a man from Estonia who feels it is important for the future of bitcoin that the truth about its origins be revealed. Part of this comes from the fact that whoever Satoshi is they still, presumably, have control over a huge amount of bitcoin, and could at any time dramatically affect the price of the digital asset. Neff explains:

"We, the fans of cryptocurrencies who sincerely believe in the ideals behind the digital money, should know who has more than 1 million coins in their wallet. And who could overthrow the market overnight, almost destroying it."

The concern is valid, but that doesn't mean the task will be easy or even possible. Neff wants to raise approximately $225,000 with the intent to pay investigators from Japan, New York, London, and Russia to hunt down the truth about Satoshi. He is using a Russian crowdfunding site, Boomstarter, to raise funds.

Whether this gambit can or will pay off remains to be seen, but for now the project promises to have updates every three days to let the community know what they have found. As with anything in the crypto world, there is a chance it is a scam. There is of course also a chance that it is legitimate but will still fail. There is also a small chance that they may just find Satoshi Nakamoto. I for one can't wait to find out.

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