CNBC crypto trader host gives possible idea for Facebook implementation

11 Aug, 2018
CNBC crypto trader host gives possible idea for Facebook implementation

Ran NeuNer of CNBC's crypto trader show has been keeping up with the recent news of David Marcus stepping down from the board of directors at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to focus on blockchain implementation with social media giant Facebook.

NeuNer has been tweeting about the potential reason why Marcus left Coinbase and the potential it could possibly have on the crypto market if Facebook was to enter into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption. 

NeuNer has a few suggestions related to why Marcus left including possibilities such as Facebook launching a trading exchange, adding a payment platform, Facebook buying Coinbase or possibly launching a cryptocurrency wallet. 

In NeuNers latest tweet he suggests that if Facebook decided to get involved in the crypto space, with their current audience, they would have the ability to become the biggest financial and trade market place almost overnight with ther 2.5 billion users worldwide. 

The potential for mass adoption has certainly sparked interest with Facebook. Now the question remains - What exactly do Facebook want to achieve by bringing David Marcus onboard to focus on blockchain implementation. We will have to wait and see, but the potential could be absolutely huge! 

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