Volkswagen studies the implementation of blockchain in their cars

11 Aug, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Volkswagen studies the implementation of blockchain in their cars

Volkswagen shows a huge interest in blockchain implementations in their cars. 

The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen AG announced on their official website that they're exploring the implementation of blockchain in the company. Benjamin Sinram and Nicolai Bartkowiak are two staffs from the Volkswagen Group IT who work to bring blockchain technology on the road. 

Part of their efforts to study the implementation of the technology, they create a network of 300 Volkswagen's employees from all divisions that meet, discuss and exchange ideas on this particular topic regularly. 

They claimed that there is a huge potential for blockchain implementation in Volkswagen, such as tamper-proof odometer readings, help with automatic payments at gas stations or car washes, also prevent hacks on self-driving cars. 

Although not mentioning specifically which blockchain technology they plan to use, the post did mention Bitcoin, IOTA, and Ethereum, stating that all blockchain models have one thing in common, which is they are very secure. The goal of the study, as Sinram said on the post, "We want our customers to become familiar with blockchain systems." 

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