Member of Coinbase's decision board quits to focus on Facebook's blockchain team

10 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Member of Coinbase's decision board quits to focus on Facebook's blockchain team

David Marcus confirmed that his choice to re-join Facebook’s blockchain team is accompanied by his resignation from Coinbase, Coindesk reported.

"Getting to know Brian, who's become a friend, and the whole Coinbase leadership team and board has been an immense privilege. I've been thoroughly impressed by the talent and execution the team has demonstrated during my tenure, and I wish the team all the success it deserves going forward," he told.

It seems that one of his main concerns was that his influence over Coinbase’s decisions and leading Facebook’s Blockchain Research department could appear as a conflict of interest - which he wants to avoid. There are no candidates for his position at Coinbase as yet, according to a Coinbase spokesperson. He left the company in great terms, as it results from the statements of the CEO of Coinbase: "He remains a close friend of the company, and we thank him for his help along the start of our journey to create an open financial system for the world."

The French, Swiss, and American entrepreneur has an impressive career history. He became the President of PayPal in 2012 and left two years later to become Facebook’s head of Messenger. Meanwhile, he assumed a position in Coinbase’s Board of directors in December, 2017 while maintaining his function at Facebook. Five months later, Facebook made him the head of their blockchain research team.

On another note, his decision got the crypto community thinking and speculating about the dates when Facebook might release its new blockchain-oriented products:

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