XRP launches on popular crypto payment platform with 5 million users

10 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
XRP launches on popular crypto payment platform with 5 million users

According to Filipino media site Bitpinas, XRP is being integrated into cryptocurrency payment platform Coins.ph, allowing the platform’s 5 million user to pay their bills using XRP.

Launched in 2014, the site allows 5 million people to pay their household bills using cryptocurrency, with the aim of reaching 20 million users by 2020. In addition to XRP’s inclusion, the website also accepts payments in the form of bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ethereum.

This news comes shortly after Ripple announced holders of their currency are able to buy anything with XRP using the Wirex debit card.

Head of cryptocurrencies at Coins.ph, Colin Goltra said in an interview that XRP integration has been limited to a select number of participants limited to the platform’s Android app. XRP is one of the prominent wallets on the app’s dashboard, and users can easily swipe between other wallets, including PHP wallet.

The trial period closed for new users yesterday, and Galta said in a statement that they are “still gathering data and deciding on our level of support for XRP.”

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