Thai actor arrested for $24m Bitcoin scam

10 Aug, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Thai actor arrested for $24m Bitcoin scam

Thai police have arrested Thai actor Jiratpisit Jiravijit on set of a film shoot following an investigation into a $24 million Bitcoin scam. reported the story following the actors arrest on August 9th. Jiravijit was on set shooting for a new movie when Thai police made the arrest. 

The arrest is related to a Finnish businessman, Aarni Otava Saarimaa, who is believed to have sent $24 million worth of Bitcoin to the actor. Jiravijit managed to convince the businessman that they were invested in several companies and would be able to secure shares for the businessman. In return he would also receive dividends from the companies which included being invested in the Dragon Coin cryptocurrency project related to the entertainment industry.

Six months had passed since sending the funds to Jiraviji. With little communication related to shareholder meetings as well as no dividends being paid, Saarimaa contacted the Royal Thai Police.

Investigations began in January  and the Technology Crime Suppression Division concluded that Jiraviji and his associates actually withdrew the BTC and converted it to fiat. The fiat was then deposited back into their bank accounts. The funds were never invested anywhere. 

Jiravijit has been arrested and detained pending charges of money-laundering while the other suspects are currently being seeked, including Jaravijit's brother and sister who also participated in the scam.

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