Plot twist: after rain comes sunshine over the market

09 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Plot twist: after rain comes sunshine over the market

The market experienced a nice twist towards the better for the last few hours. After reaching its lowest this year, at $219bn., the market cap recovered more than $10bn. in just two hours. It currently sits at $228bn.


The recent increase is likely owed to the fact that most of the coins reached a good buying price - although some coins touch increases of more than 10% which are probably influenced by other factors as well.

Chainlink reaches gains as high as 22.06% at the time of reporting, after reaching this week’s lowest earlier today. Ardor, OmiseGO, Wanchain and NXT (plus a less known mineable coin, Metaverse ETP) are all up by 10-12%.


There are few “losers”, most of them in the -0-5% range. The only exception is HShare, with a nasty -8.98%, possibly owed to their Main Chain upgrade:

Top 10

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is slowly recovering after the dip suffered during the past hours, currently trading at $6,486 (1.63%). Six of the other altcoins (Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, and Litecoin) follow suit with gains of roughly 1 to 4 percent. Cardano (6.84%) and IOTA (4.95%) lead the gainers’ chart for the moment.

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