Zeepin starts crowdfunding for the distributed encryption storage mining machine

09 Aug, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Zeepin starts crowdfunding for the distributed encryption storage mining machine

Zeeping has officially launched the crowdfunding project for  the GalaBox G1 Mining machine. The crowdfunding project began on August 8th and will run until August 25 with participants allowed to purchase up to 12 GalaBoxes.

GalaCloud distributed network has officially begun the crowdfunding process for the GalaBox. 

The Galabox will run as a node in the network ensuring the security and stability of stored files. 

Zeeping brings the Galabox G1 which will also operate a mining machine for distributed encryption storage of digital assets and files. Each GalaBox will act as an encrypted data storage device that the system will segment and encrypt files that then distributes them into various GalaBoxes. 

The crowdfunding events will accept Zeepin ($ZPT) tokens. There are 3 Phases of the crowdfunding:

Early Bird: Lock-up 4,999 ZPT for 18 months to receive a GalaBox G1. After 24 hours or the sale of all 10,000 boxes, the crowdfunding campaign will stop.
Phase 1: Runs from August 12th until August 15th, users may lock-up 5,250 ZPT for 18 months for each GalaBox G1.
Phase 2: Runs from August 16th until August 20th, with the same lock-up duration but a 5,500 ZPT price tag.
Phase 3: The last stretch of the campaign, running from August 21st until the 25th, with a 5,750 ZPT price per GalaBox and the same lock-up duration as the previous phases.

GalaBox owners will receive 10 million GALA tokens on a weekly basis, distributed amongst all GalaBoxes based on their participation on the network. This income is subsidized with 70% of the income generated by the GalaCloud storage network.

For more information on how to participate check out Zeepin Medium page.

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