Drama at IOTA revealed in leaked chatlogs

09 Aug, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Drama at IOTA revealed in leaked chatlogs

According to internal messages sent between developers at IOTA leaked in a Pastebin document, the two co-founders of the open source distributed ledger are embroiled in a heated discussion over membership on the company's board. 

The document starts with a statement attributed to Sergey Ivancheglo, who is a co-founder of IOTA, 'I inform everyone that I don't longer trust Dominik Schiener and I think he should quit the IOTA Foundation for the better future of IOTA.' Dominik Schiener is the other co-founder of IOTA and according to Ivancheglo in the chat logs, has reorganized the company in such a way that the executives would be able to vote Ivancheglo out.

Ivancheglo, through the chat logs, appears steadfast in his will to remain in his position, stating

"I am done with being threatened... if you want to be enemies, lets fight."

Another employee calls Ivancheglo's posturing 'beyond childish,' and Schiener calls his words 'ridiculous.'

Scheiner goes on to state, 'we are electing board members for life, we are supposed to trust each other, we are supposed to *lead* a billion dollar project and Foundation *together*' and in response to Ivancheglo refusing to take a call, mentions the possibility of a 'public fight.'

Since the leaked chat log, IOTA has deployed an official response which seems to conclude the conflict, stating that the company is planning 'to move forward with inviting the two missing founders into the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors, based on a mutually signed Memorandum of Understanding.'

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