Expanse co-founder claims Binance ask 400 BTC for listing

08 Aug, 2018
by David Robb
Expanse co-founder claims Binance ask 400 BTC for listing

There are claims that Binance is apparently charging as much as 400 BTC for a listing on its platform. A crypto company CEO tweeted that he'd been quoted this figure by the leading exchange, and many observers have suggested that this might be accurate.

Christopher Franko, the co-founder of the Ethereum-like blockchain platform Expanse, first posted on Twitter that he'd been quoted this extortionate amount to get his project's EXP token listed on Binance. 

Many commenters initially insisted that this must be inaccurate, maybe as result of some kind of scam, as CZ himself has denied that the exchange asks for listing fees. Franko replied and questioned whether this was true.

Others recognized this as being a predictable outcome of the increased dominance of centralized exchanges like Binance in the crypto space. They took the opportunity to criticize them, and called for more decentralization as the only way forward. 

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Despite the emotional responses from the community and the general anti-Binance sentiment that is clearly on the increase, the jury's still out on whether Franko's claim was accurate. 

Although no direct evidence was provided, a Viacoin developer did get involved with the thread to suggest that the quote of 400 BTC might be plausible.

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