This is (hopefully) the definitive timeline for crypto ETF rulings

08 Aug, 2018
by David Robb
This is (hopefully) the definitive timeline for crypto ETF rulings

An unofficial calendar for the various Bitcoin ETF regulatory decisions has been posted online. This is in the wake of the recent postponement of the latest decision regarding the SolidX Van Eck ETF, which had a major impact on the crypto market.

The road to official regulatory approval for an ETF can be long and arduous, and so far no rule changes to allow Bitcoin funds have been approved, much to the disappointment of all levels of the crypto community.

The approval of an exchange-traded fund for crypto would be a major step in the direction of mass adoption, reducing the potential risks for investors by giving them an indirect interest in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

The SEC recently rejected a proposal for rules to be changed to allow the Winklevoss Twins' Bitcoin ETF to be listed on an exchange, due to perceived security risks with Bitcoin. The next big decision was to be on the SolidX Van Eck ETF, but this was recently pushed back to September 30 at the earliest. 

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The ProShares ETF decision is also likely to be pushed back now, and rulings on other ETFs will most probably be in line with the decision about this one.

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