Coinbase announces increase of purchase limit to $25,000 a day

07 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
Coinbase announces increase of purchase limit to $25,000 a day

In more Coinbase news, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it will be increasing its daily purchase limits to $25,000 and enabling “immediate” trading.

Starting today, August 7, customers will have the ability to trade cryptocurrency immediately after a purchase. No longer will you have to wait the annoying five days for funds to settle. Customers will also begin seeing their daily trading limits increased to $25,000. This feature will be rolling out to US customers in the next few weeks.

The latest update will allow customers to receive immediate credit for the funds sent from their bank account, allowing them to buy and sell crypto from their USD wallet instantly. But bear in mind, customers will still have to wait for the funds to settle before they can send them off the Coinbase platform.

US customers will also have their maximum allowable purchase raised from $25,000 a week, to $25,000 a day. Additionally, once the funds have been transferred to Coinbase, there will be no limit to how much you can buy and sell at a time.

These updates will be made available to US customers who have completed the identity verification process with Coinbase. You have to do this before having access to instant purchases, new trading limits and the ability to withdraw or send coins off-platform.

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