TRON is being Tweeted about more than Bitcoin

07 Aug, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
TRON is being Tweeted about more than Bitcoin

Following a number of exciting announcements from TRON, its TRX token is being mentioned on Twitter more than Bitcoin.

According to CoinTrendz, which tracks mentions of cryptocurrencies, TRX has been consistently outpacing usual leader Bitcoin in discussion on Twitter. This trend seems to reflect the good press and new endeavors the platform has been fostering as of late.

TRON is a platform for dApps and an increasingly visible competitor in the crypto market. Recently, the company acquired BitTorrent, and perhaps less prestigious but more important for getting mentioned on Twitter, TRX has been added as an option for payment on adult website Pornhub.

 Justin Sun even more recently announced TRON's integration with global digital payment platform Humming Pay.

Furthermore, TRON's high profile is surely boosted by news that over 20,000 stores in Spain and Italy.

The combination of new technological projects, and exciting mainstream penetration show that TRX may be a coin to pay attention to.

TRX has had some market gains over the past few days, but these have corrected over course of the day of writing and TRX is not quite in the top 10. Nonetheless, given that the current crypto market is driven in such large part by new investors and speculation, the fact that TRX is being talked about so much and following their positive press TRX's market value might be seeing a positive trend in the near future.

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