McAfee shrugs off Bitfi hack claims as "meaningless"

06 Aug, 2018
by Will Heasman
McAfee shrugs off Bitfi hack claims as meaningless

Many people have now claimed to have hacked the “unhackable” hardware wallet created by John McAfee and Bitfi. However, McAfee states that these claims are meaningless…

Those trying to claim the 100k bounty placed upon the Bitfi device have come up short in McAfee’s eyes; although some have managed to gain root access to the wallet, the security magnate is not convinced.

During an interview with Nick Hellmann on his YouTube channel “Learn Crypto” McAfee spoke of the aforementioned claims.

“There is no memory on the device… Root access through the device with no memory is like having, you know, all the condoms in the world with nobody to fuck. It’s meaningless.” He said.

The security magnate further elaborated upon the bounty and specified the that the hacking he had in mind referred to the appropriation of the coins inside:

“We have done something unique, we have used the blockchain for what it was intended for. It is a distributed, immutable ledger. Immutable meaning unchangeable… We’ve used the blockchain as our memory… “What does it mean to have no memory? It means there’s nothing to hack. If you hacking something, you’re hacking data. Are you not? If you steal data from the Office of Personnel Management like someone did two years ago and took every single record of every employee of the US government of the past 50 years, you took data.”.

The claimants of the bounty, of which most have root access, fervently disagree with McAfee’s definition of hacking:

One fifteen-year-old boy, Saleem Rashid, alleges to have hacked the wallet, much to the disagreement of Bitfi.

Alan Woodward a renowned reasercher, and advisor of cyber security stepped in to confront Bitfi:

Has the wallet been hacked in your eyes? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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