Efforts mount in attempt to strip bitcoin early adopters of their power

06 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
Efforts mount in attempt to strip bitcoin early adopters of their power

Bitcoin’s still-anonymous early adopters and the newer users of the cryptocurrency generally get along, especially during the recent period in which bitcoin’s price sky-rocketed. This year, however, bitcoin’s price collapse has resulted in heightened tensions over how to stabilize the currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto registered Bitcoin.org a decade ago and handed it to some die-hard crypto fans for safe keeping. The site is now run by Cobra with his second-in-command Theymos. The site exists as a shrine to the world’s first cryptocurrency and is there to help educate newcomers.

There may be trouble brewing as a recent post on coder site Github calls for the removal of Cobra as the site’s proprietor. The post, which garnered over 100 responses, expresses concern over the way Cobra is running things, stating “A number of individuals feel that Cobra-Bitcoin has become an unreliable person to own the Bitcoin.org domain name…”

Cobra is well-known for spreading the messages of conspiracy theorists, calling for the release Ross Ulbricht, notorious Silk Road operator, and preaches against government regulation. He also publicly support bitcoin cash, something that many over at Bitcoin.org feel shouldn’t be done. “People on GitHub are asking it to be turned over because they mostly are uncomfortable that I don’t hate Bitcoin Cash enough,” Cobra wrote in a message to Bloomberg.

Theymos, who has been identified as Michael Marquardt is next in line if something were to happen to Cobra. However, Marquardt doesn't support a change in ownership.

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