Turkey establishes its first blockchain center for education

04 Aug, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Turkey establishes its first blockchain center for education

Turkey established its first blockchain center, an education center aiming to teach blockchain technology at the university level.

The center was named The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center, or BlockchainIST Center for short. On Friday, August 3, the new facility was inaugurated a the Bahçeşehir University (BAU)

According to the Turkish pro-government news agency Daily Sabah, the center was created to increase the level of blockchain technology expertise within the nation. Aspiring students and entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to learn about the revolutionary technology. The hope is to be able to develop experts in blockchain to be able to integrate the technology in a variety of fields in Turkey.

The director of the center Bora Erdamar stated that a competent team of blockchain experts from around the world will lead projects at the center for the education of the students. Furthermore, Erdamar expects other outside notable figures to collaborate. She stated that “the purpose of the Blockchain IST project is to be the most important center of research and development and innovation in Turkey in which scientific studies and publications are made in blockchain technologies”.

The decision to establish the BlockchainIST displays Turkey’s desire to become one of the leaders in the blockchain industry. Many countries are viewing the emergence of blockchain as a unique opportunity to become a leading nation in the industry, and Turkey is one of them. As Erdamar notes, the BlockchainIST will be the centerpiece in Turkey’s movement, as the center trains “Turkey’s human resources in blockchain and enable the country to lead the world”.


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