What's going on with John McAfee and BitFi?

03 Aug, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
What's going on with John McAfee and BitFi?

Is John McAfee the CEO of BitFi? He has made claims which amount to such, noting that BitFi is 'his project,' directly at odds with statements made by BitFi that in fact BitFi 'has nothing to do with McAfee.'

McAfee recently has been promoting the BitFi wallet by offering $250,000 bounty for anyone who could gain access to his 'unhackable' wallet. Quickly thereafter, reports that BitFi is made with cheap hardware, and that the wallet was subsequently hacked into by a teenager surfaced.

These claims have been contested by the BitFi team, who maintain that there still hasn't been a substantiated instance of a hack into their wallet, according to BitFi's CEO talking directly to Cointelegraph.

Putting aside the question of whether or not BitFi's technology has been compromised, another strange wrinkle into the story of John McAfee's promotional efforts came up today.

Via Twitter, McAfee, a programmer well known for his vocal participation in the cryptosphere, stated that he is promoting BitFi because he is the BitFi CEO. BitFi retorted that the technology 'has nothing to do with McAfee' but rather his team was involved in an audit of the wallet product.

When someone pointed apparent contradiction between these statements, BitFi replied in the Twitter thread that McAfee is an executive chairman on BitFi's board. This makes McAfee's assertion that its 'his product' at least make a little more sense, but it conflicts both with BitFi's claim that the wallet is totally unrelated to McAfee, as well as McAfee claiming directly that he is the CEO of BitFi

Perplexingly, the relationship between McAfee and BitFi is at present opaque. It is clear that John McAfee is a champion of BitFi's technology, but whether that be because he is the BitFi CEO, an executive on their board, or just an avid fan of the product is not yet elucidated.

Either way, though BitFi maintains that the wallet was not hacked, the company announced a new ransom for anyone who can help patch up unspecified 'security weaknesses.'

This, along with the still outstanding ransom offered by McAfee, give following the story a financial incentive, if attempting to unravel the veracity of BitFi and McAfee's disparate claims to ownership is not curious enough for you.


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