Polymath, not very popular. Bitcoin fairly stable, altcoins - not really.

02 Aug, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Polymath, not very popular. Bitcoin fairly stable, altcoins - not really.

The market continues a mainly negative trend with more than 80 of the top 100 coins on Coin Market Cap (CMC) having lost value today. The market is highly susceptible to mass movement.

Top 10

The most popular coins are heading downwards today, with Bitcoin (-0.95%) and Litecoin (1.90%) noting the smallest loss today. Although it made a slight attempt earlier today, Bitcoin did not recover from the loss noted two days ago and is still hovering around $7,500. Ethereum is nearing its lowest value this year, the current price of $414.78 being outstripped only by the March dip (when it reached $380). Perhaps TRON does stand a chance at competing against ETH, after all. Though not today, not with the -5.74% loss it cashed in. And if that wasn’t enough Cardano is the champion of popular losers today, suffering a -6.32% blow.

Top 100 Losers

For the last 15 minutes (at the time of report) three coins kept on competing for the first place among losers. Some failures deserve particular attention. Waves leads the chart with -15.62%. Polymath marks a nasty -14.23%, closely followed by Waltonchain with -14.22%. Polymath’s fail is particularly unpleasant, since it’s only been announced as the Community Coin by Binance, and yet the community seems to turn its back on it nevertheless.

Top 100 Gainers

A new coin entered the top 100 - KickCoin, with profits of 10.16% at the time of writing. This project noted a constant increase during this week, despite having experienced a security breach during this timeframe. Other important gains were achieved by Aurora (7.41%) and Emercoin (7.39%). While Aurora noted multiple substantial oscillations during the last few days (possibly due to its small price), Emercoin’s rise seems rather related to its latest news and developments.

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