Has John McAfee's "unhackable" BitFi hardwallet been hacked?

02 Aug, 2018
by Richard Allen
Has John McAfee's unhackable BitFi hardwallet been hacked?

Reports have been pouring in over the last 24 hours regarding the legitimacy of the claims by BitFi that their hardwallet really is “unhackable,” NewsBTC reports.

To put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, McAfee offered a $250,000 bounty (up from the original $100,000) to anyone who could hack it. Many have seen this as a challenge, and some have even claimed to have beaten it. But are the claims credible?

As recently reported by Chepicap, one of the most vocal opponents to McAfee’s new wallet, cybergibbons tweeted recently claiming that the hardwallet uses cheap parts from smartphones. Now it appears he’s at it again, this time posting this message on twitter:

  And OverSoftNL, who said:

John McAfee has yet to comment. Additionally, a few days ago BitFi claimed it was under attack by an “army of trolls.” The team has recently made a secondary bounty of just $10,000, raising concerns that BitFi’s claims may have been nothing more than hot air.

 When McAfee first announced his wallet, it was marketed as being an impenetrable solution to all your cryptocurrency wallet needs, competitively priced at $120 as well. With so much at stake, its understandable the creators might be in panic mode.  

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