Canaan introduces the world's first Bitcoin mining TV

01 Aug, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Canaan introduces the world's first Bitcoin mining TV

Canaan Creative, also known as Avalon, unveiled the world’s first Bitcoin mining TV in its newest product release on July 31st.

According to Canaan, the TV will be equipped with a built-in bitcoin mining chip, complete with an android compatibility for mobile control. Listing by Canaan shows that the TV will use A3210 16nm ASIC chips, which hold a hashrate of 2.8 Terahash. The TV will also be 43 inches and 4K, meaning that it will feature more than 8 million pixels.

Canaan claims that the TV will be able to conveniently mine Bitcoin while it also displays your favorite TV shows and movies. Furthermore, Canaan hopes that its smart TV capabilities will allow its users to use the mined coins to exchange for video content or goods in the future.

Canaan was founded in 2013 by N.G. Zhang and invented the first Bitcoin mining processors and computers. Based in Beijing, Canaan is one of the biggest Bitcoin mining companies. Bitcoin mining has always been a concept foreign concept to most, but Canaan hopes that its attachment with a familiar home appliance in this new product will open the market to a broader audience.


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