It's official: TRON acquired BitTorrent

24 Jul, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
It's official: TRON acquired BitTorrent

An official post on Medium confirms a long-standing expectation. TRON Foundation has finally acquired BitTorrent and is planning to merge it with the TRON blockchain in order to become “the largest decentralized Internet ecosystem in the world.”

BitTorrent fits TRON’s agenda nicely. It owns the first (and possibly most popular) decentralized file-sharing protocol. It’s based on a P2P network and well-known across the world. According to the same blog entry, “BitTorrent is the genesis of the decentralization movement”, and TRON aims to take it to the next level.

In a way, it is believed that the two projects complement each other. While TRON is holding a blockchain that aims to decentralize the Internet, BitTorrent brings an already established and universally adopted decentralized technology.

The exact technical details of this fusion are still far from reach - for the public at least. The CEO of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, seems to have a pretty good idea regarding the advantages the teams behind both projects will bring each other. “With the integration of BitTorrent, TRON aims to liberate the Internet from the stranglehold of large corporations, give data rights back to the individual, and reignite the early 21st century vision of a free, transparent, decentralized network to connect the world, because the internet belongs to the people,” he concluded on Medium.

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