​RMIT implements first ever blockchain digital credential platform

24 Jul, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
​RMIT implements first ever blockchain digital credential platform

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) has launched a new platform for students to receive blockchain enabled digital credentials.

This comes with the help of the digital credentialing platform Credly. The Credly and RMIT platform gives out credits for publishing data about skills and capabilities to blockchain as well as allowing the capability to share to social networks.

Deputy vice chancellor of education and vice president professor Belinda Tynan commented on the news of this platform:

"RMIT is an innovator, and with this initiative we're exploring the latest application of this technology as part of our commitment to enhancing our students' experience, it's yet another way that we are working with industry to demonstrate we are providing real-world benefits and meaningful student outcomes. RMIT is at the forefront of helping both students and employers leverage the potential of blockchain to fill long-standing skill and communications gaps, our collaboration will provide students with the tools to better communicate industry-relevant skills and experiences into economic and life opportunities."

RMIT believes this initiative is an early application of how blockchain technology can be used in the real world. RMIT believes they are paving the road for future capabilities with blockchain technology.

This credential platform goes in conjunction with the Developing Blockchain Strategy short course, also offered by RMIT.

In september RMIT established the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub which plans to be the world’s first research facility focused on the social science behind blockchain.

RMIT believes that blockchain technology is working its way to be a core infrastructure for the global economy, and distributed ledger technology is going to revolutionise business as we know it in the coming years.

These blockchain enabled credentials will begin to be issued at the end of August by RMIT.

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