Monero mining malware targets League of Legends players

21 Jul, 2018
by Salahuddin Uqaili
Monero mining malware targets League of Legends players

League of Legends players have targeted by the Monero mining malware called Coinhive. The attack targeted users who were playing on the Garena server serving players based in the Philippines.

Garena released a statement clarifying that the issue had been resolved, but this did not prevent an outpuring of emotions on reddit.

Official Statement from Garena Philippines from r/leagueoflegends

Some stated that the malware may have been placed on the server intentionally:


This seems to be the consensus opinion on the reddit thread, with one user mocking the apology by stating that:


There were accusations of the server having been mining monero on users’ computers for years....


… with some stating that they would pay closer attention to the server’s code.


However, not everyone was convinced that Garena had committed any crime, even if they were responsible for the malware as some users alleged. This is due to the way cryptocurrencies are treated in many countries, often falling into an unregulated space of the country’s economy:


Others disagreed, stating that the malware broke laws in the Philippines:


Ultimately, the biggest lesson to be drawn from this event is that the rise of cryptocurrency mining has created incentives for criminal actors to hack into our computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Even if Garena’s management had nothing to do with the malware, the ease of implementing it could have lead to an employee going rogue, as was suggested by another user on reddit:


Stay safe everyone, and let us know if you have experienced something similar recently.

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