CNBC discusses crypto with top fund managers

18 Jul, 2018
CNBC discusses crypto with top fund managers

CNBC's Crypto Trader show recently interviewed several top fund managers to get their feedback on the current market sentiment and how they feel the crypto 'winter' was different from others. They also discuss what their focus will be on going forward including what projects interest them. 

Ran NeuNer, otherwise known as @CryptoManRan on CNBC's Crypto Trader visited San Francisco to interview several prominent crypto fund managers. 

Polychain Capital's Founder, Olaf Carlson-Wee replied when asked if this crypto winter was the same as the previous two crypto winters Olaf had experienced.

Olaf makes mention that the previous crypto winters were indeed much smaller and that the narrative was that "crypto was dead...this was a flash in the pan and a faded project".

Olaf now believes crypto is here to stay and the next question is how big will crypto become.

Olaf is excited about the next eighteen months where he believes we will see some exciting launches. He mentioned he is excited about EOS, Tezos, Cosmos, Dfinity, Filecoin and Polkadot.

Founder of Boost VC Adam Draper believes "anything that has to do with governance is fantastic" mentioning Aragon. Draper also mentions several other projects including the ability for overlapping of virtual reality within the crypto space. 

Managing partner of of MultiCoin Capital, Tushar Jain talks about how Ethereum is his favourite protocol stating "the ethereum network is one of the most amazing things that humanity has created". Jain also mentions EOS as one of his favourite potocols based on their tradeoff between scalability and decentralization and "the huge design space that it opens up that was never possible before"

Joey Krug, the Co-Chief investment Officer at Pantera Capital believes not all blockchain protocols will be around within the next 10 years. Krug also talks about Ethereum being the "forefront of scabalilty within the space". Projects mentioned that Pantera are interested in, include Avalanche and Thunder and Ethereum.

The entire video can be found on CNBC Crypto Trader Youtube page

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